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KSU Historical Evolution with Gray Mat – framed


Finished size:  9″ x 38″

Interestingly, The University’s mascot, long associated with a cat, first began as a black Labrador dog named Boscoe. In 1922, two KSU alums working as veterinarians donated a real bobcat, dubbed “Touchdown”, as the official Wildcat mascot. The original Touchdown died of injuries from a confrontation with a porcupine, but later Touchdown bobcats fared better and eventually became Kansas State University’s symbolic figurehead. In 1947, K-State’s debuted its first costumed mascot – a female reddish brown wildcat with black stripes named “Sparky.” Then in 1964, the original Willie the Wildcat appeared in royal purple, which has remained the official school color. Willie himself has gone through several makeovers through the years including Willie’s head being covered in coyote and wolf hair. In 1997, the Willie costumed mascot began resembling the new Power Cat logo, with gray hair and two white stripes. The stylized Willie the Wildcat logo is still used by the university’s Alumni Association. The newer Power Cat logo, introduced in 1989 by Coach Bill Snyder and created by K-State art professor Tom Bookwalter, is now used as the primary university logo.

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 14 × 4 in


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